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She is a woman who…

In-bodies her feminine magnetism

Lives guided by her divine intuition

Fully trusts life, her body and the Universe

Knows her life is unfolding exactly how it is supposed to

Lives in her full creative power

Moves through the world with certainty,

trust and self-belief

Fully claims her desires with devotion

Practices sacred receivership

Softens and melts into surrender

Takes inspired, aligned action when the pull is there

Alchemises her pain into power

Embodies her divine feminine energy

Prioritises her alignment

Waits for what she wants without anxiety

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It is time to break free from old models of scarcity, hustle and hard work and learn a more simplicity, easeful, pleasurable and feminine way of manifesting your desires.

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Mastering The Feminine Art of Magnetism and Manifesting Your Desire.

You've landed here because you have big, beautiful desires stirring in your heart that you're ready to bring to life.  

There is a way of manifesting what you want that feels natural, nourishing and easeful.

Where you sink into your worth, open yourself to receive and allow yourself to feel held and guided as you take inspired action steps towards what you want.

Where you can relax into the divine time and process its unfoldment and say goodbye to hustle, exhaustion and micromanaging the process.

It is a way that is deeply feminine. Where you draw on your natural magnetism and work with your feminine gifts to co-create with the Universe.

Where you know how to lovingly hold yourself through any fear, doubt, anxiety or scarcity as it arises and immediately shift yourself back into alignment with your divine creative power.

Where you collapse time, quantum leap into new realities, ascend into higher timelines and live as the recipient of all you desire.

This is the way of the Creatress.

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Pink Sugar

My Story

Dedicated to the unveiling, healing and rising of the sacred feminine in our shifting world, Lilian Hii is devoted to the inner journey and descent necessary to arise empowered, sovereign and connected.

She believes we carry an ancient, neglected feminine wound that can be reconciled and healed within. As New Earth Medicine Woman, Shamanka, Multi-Facet Priestess, Shamanic Facilitator, Temple Guide, Grid Worker & Portal Activator. As an Intuitive Coach and Guide, she facilitates deep shifts and understanding to support the activation of HUmanity to lead a heart-led life and embody the sacred feminine archetypes and sacred feminine principles in everyday life.

Lilian has worked for over 20 years in the fields of Finance & Banking, Insurance, Medical Research Field, Construction, Technology, Change Management and Start Up Business and Projects.  She supports Leadership Team, Chief Executives, and Team of 140 team members globally. 

Besides work, she also created a Club of Executive Professional Women to empower women to rise and shine. She falls in love with coaching and entrepreneurship. She is a trained Coach, Online Business Manager, Priestess of the Rose and Scented Priestess  from the Rosa Mystica Lineage, a Sacred Space Holder and Multi-dimensional Spiritual Mentor and a Creatress of Sacred Heart Valley, where consists of 7 CommUNITIES and 8 Heart Conscious Leaders.

Her background in Health Science + Business + Technology guided her to be the CONDUIT OF THE LIGHT to activate the Living Library of Gaia, to restore the earth and the human version of life to the forefront of creations. This is the journey that she is on.

Carrying the archetypal essences of Priestess and Divine Mothers, she works through rituals, sacred space, channeling, Multidimensional Business Mentorship, women’s circles, group coaching and 1:1 mentoring to empower women to reclaim their sovereignty and become the leaders of their own hearts, hearths and lives. 

Lilian believes in actively cycling with the energies of the season, cosmic energies and understanding your blood ancestral and your spiritual lineage in order to walk the pathway to Know Thyself.

Lilian Hii is one of the Guardians of the Codes’ Initiates.

Lilian is the Celestial Architect and SACRED HEART VALLEY’s Creatrix. She is, primarily, a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

She started her GOTC Initiate’s journey in June 2022 with Jenn. When the journeys guided by Jenn started in July, she met her essence for the first time and discovered her real true self.

She is The Leader in the Building and Designing era using her angelic voice as the tool.

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Seraphim Diamond Heart is Pure Creator Source Energy and the Highest Frequency of Pure Love and Light.

Lilian HII

Pink Sugar



Jenn George's Gratitude Notes

Lilian Hii is one of our first Guardians of the Codes’ Initiates. She received her soul code reading in May and took the three one-on-one sessions with me in June. We started working on getting her heart opened wider. She decided to work thoroughly with me in July by taking two times of the three one-on-one sessions with me.

When I started taking the Initiates going on journeys, Lilian was one of those taken and enjoyed her first of many journeys. She discovered the truth about herself; first as a community leader in one of the planets in Lyra. Then, as a beautiful Lemurian Princess and Priestess. Next, as an Arcturian Scientist in the field of high-tech architecture and design in holographic forms. We let her meet her highest higher or multidimensional self to support her in her journey on planet Earth as a human.

On week-two of our Guardians of the Codes’ group session, I took them to my playground of the highest and purest frequencies. She met her five personal bodyguards, her magnificent dragons, for the first time.

But Lilian also has over 50 other dragons from the current Guardians of the Codes’ Initiates to support her. We saw 36 in total on that day but we do have more personal and, now, group bodyguards of the highest and purest frequencies’ dragons.

A couple of days before having our week-3 group session, we had two one-on-one sessions where she met Jesus and her Middle Eastern self, Thomas; the man who wrote the Gospel of Thomas.

Lilian’s first “attempt” writing SSL scripts and codes, sent to me on 6 July 2022. Writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, humming, etcetera do flow easily to all GOTC Initiates.

The second session took us to our celestial home (one of our multidimensional homes) to the Seraphim Angels family. This added to our list of knowledge and wisdom of our gifts and abilities.

As the choir conductor and the partner of the Seraphim Leader, I sang a song accompanied by my beautiful Seraphim Trio singers to activate Lilian’s and other Initiates’ angel wings and infused toning and tuning codes for their singing gift through The Trio’s and my voice.

Lilian also has her new personal Seraphim Trios – The Pink Seraphim Trio.

Lilian has gotten all her abilities and more. Her heart expands more each day and her carbon body has slowly turned into the original crystalline. We all are so proud of how fast Lilian has transformed and kept shifting into the newer and higher timelines.


Humongous love.

Jenn George from Guardians of The Code

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