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A Real Deep Holding of Self

After Group Crocus Zoom Connect, I able to connect deeper The Inner Masculinity of Self.

When we step into healing of Polarity (Feminine and Masculine) with an unconscious desire to by pass our inner masculine - it is the deep real inner masculine of Self.

Throughout the experiences that I had with and in GOTC Family, the capability with one intense emotion, to be present with one emotion, to hold a strong spine of in the soft ache of one’s longing.

A feminine woman is longing for this sense of holding from her lover. We will seek external before coming into ourselves through the journey discovering it within.

Imbalance and disharmonies happened along the way.

We then become Maturity and Integrity of Inner Marriage. If we do not grow into the harmonisation of masculine and feminine within, we are like unconscious or uninitiated younger-self state.

As a woman, it is important to grow confident is regardless what we GOT ourselves.

I trust my feminine knowing and capacity to express my fullness without fear. If the lover cannot accept or receive, I have my own inner masculine to rest back on.

We GOT ourselves.

This quality of a women is deeply valuable as an initiated masculine man. When the man trust her could hold herself when he is not available to do the holding an unspoken burden is lifted and he become free to love you like a King and not a Daddy.

When two individuals awaken inner marriage within they have potential to create deeper empowered polarise marriage together.

They feel free to offer the depths of their feminine/ masculine gifts to each other out of love and desire, not obligation.

I witnessed in the Group Crocus Zoom Connect and also my own journey.

Such a beautiful awareness - A deep holding of Inner Masculine Self.

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