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DESCRIPTION: 1. Activate brain centre 2. Repairing Pain DNA being released and transmuted 3. Form of Disc: Anti-clock wise- clearing; clockwise: Manifestation 4. Release some deep wound accumulated at the back of the head, being pulled out. MIDDLE DISC: Void with Purest Love OUTSIDE DISC: Divine Matrix. Manifesting in the timeline dimension now. Disc on Earth/Gaia. Anchor this in the core of the Gaia and expand it. It is a Stolen Gaia Template and now we brought back to Gaia. It comes into our vessel and DNA. It is a lost template. Notice and see the change in the air in the wind in the atmosphere as the frequency has changed. It will be more and more every day. It is now integrated for this template. Blow on it and spread the frequency to the air. I felt the tingling on my upper spine (even now when i am typing it!!) and I heard Gaia said " Thank you Children, for this beautiful work. Thank you. I felt so much love from Gaia.

DESCRIPTION: the blue circle: Healing Water of The Heart. 2. Heart Circle - Piano 3. inner circle: waterfall and anchor to the ocean in Lemuria. 4. around the circle: ancestral healing 5. Ocean Code, Codes of the whales, Code of Water Children 6. Sacred Mirror water to Gaia, the reflection of both.

When we are gathering together doing healing work, we not only heal parts of ourselves but also heal part of Gaia Essence of all of the fragments of her return home.

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