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I used to say this a lot but I witness myself had a breakthrough of this phrase since last year.

In casual conversation many of us will use the words ‘he/she pushed my buttons’.

This phrase means that another person’s words or actions caused a disturbance in you and triggered an uncomfortable reaction.

The interesting fact is that we seem to know that our ‘buttons’ exist.

We also seem to know that they are active, alive and well, and sensitive to certain types of pressure.

So what is stirred up inside us when we become emotional?

What exactly is this dark force that pushes its way through the body and envelops us?

What makes us feel so bad and unhappy?

What lies at the root of the emotion?

We know the symptoms, what is the cause?

Our emotion represents all the unexpressed feelings stored up inside us.

Emotion is the outcome of not expressing feelings in the past when the feeling was actually happening; not saying what you felt when you felt it.

Emotion is the by-product of repressing feelings, pushing everything down, bottling them up inside.

Our inner unresolved feelings begin to resonate when there is a suitable outer trigger.

As soon as the button is pushed the unlived feelings become active inside us again, just like a tape recorder with a replay button.

A slight provocation can cause a huge eruption of emotion.

This indicates that unexpressed feelings stored within us are under some pressure, and the emotion finds ways to vent itself and so relieve the inner pressure and tension.

Unexpressed feelings turn sour in the system, which explains why when we are ‘in emotion’ we like to take revenge and hurt the other person, trying desperately to get back at them.

When we do not express our feelings in the present, the tension stays inside and slowly festers like a wound and in time it becomes poisonous and as a result we suffer and someone else suffers too.

I would like to invite you to feel where’s that button in your body?

Connect to the highest and purest frequency of our highest multidimensional self, ask why it is there, what has happened to you and others.

By using 3 ways forgiveness to harmonise the imbalance energies:-

We can forgive others for their actions towards us. We ask for their forgiveness for our unkind actions. We forgive ourselves for our unkind actions to others.

We feel, see, sense as we aware, acknowledge, witness and honour our feelings.

We gain our deeper compassion heart from this space.

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