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Do you want to feel like Barbie or Mermaid?

I have been hearing Barbie and Ken at work these few days and now there also have Barbie AI.

I am not going there because I can write a book about it. 😆

I was again brought to the beach by Paige.

We arrived at the beach slightly early and we had a great breakfast.

(Breakfast Tacos)

After breakfast, we went to the beach and she took a crystal out and asked me to “put back” to the ocean. I had no idea she brought. I invited her if she wanted to do that and she didn’t as she said she scared of water and she will drown. So, I helped her to return the crystal to the ocean. I don’t really know where she got the crystal and what’s the name of this crystal.

(Paige’s Crystal returned to the ocean)

(Kyle Turner’s crystal anchoring)

(Brighton-Le - Sand Beach, Sydney)

The Sun was warm 20 degree today and I sat underneath the sun with ocean water and the breeze, I somehow had more Remembrance of Lemuria.

It has been 2 years I had Lemuria Awakening and deeper remembrance.

It always brings the feeling of longing, community, children, women, men and elders, circles of story sharing…. I can hear many laughs in harmony.

Of course there are many more in Lemuria we can discovery and healings.

What’s your Lemuria Awakening Journey looks like?

Sharing the Code that I drew last year when I did the first Remembrance of Lemuria event in Sacred Heart Valley.

And also Light Language Activation for Remembrance of Lemuria.

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