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5 weeks program in co~creation with Kyle Turner and Lilian Hii.

Journeying back to your heart of remembrance for clarity, healing, inbodyment and empowerment. Greetings, my name is Kyle Turner and I am one of the conscious leaders in Sacred Heart Valley and an initiate of the Guardians of the Codes. I have journeyed the past 5 years with my heart for healing and the past year within the Sacred Heart Valley on Facebook to help in healing the heart on the deepest level. The results have been astounding and life changing!!

G'Day, my name is Lilian Hii, The Creatress of Sacred Heart Valley. I am on Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Healing Journey for nearly 2 years and this year have been a deep heart healing journey and reclaims my mind-heart-womb back to deep connection and open deeper to Self and becoming Whole. I am The Initiates from Guardians of The Codes. My mission is aligned with GOTC to balance and harmonise the energies to assist in the evolution of Earth as well as its inhabitants. I bring in the highest and purest Codes to help all beings on Earth and Multiverse.


1. REMEMBRANCE & DEEP CONNECTION We bring you to the depts of your heart to remember who you are, come here to do and live as love.

2. UNFOLD YOUR HEART The way love loves you is your true destiny and healing of the heart through returning of Soul Fragments.

3. OPEN DEEPER THAN NEED The deepest desire of the Feminine Heart is to flow open with love, deep love and a love that allow you to surrender and relax open as love's graceful fullness. The deepest desire of the Masculine Heart is Freedom and Liberation. We will explore the Masculine and Feminine Sexual Essence.

4. UNGUARD YOUR SEX Your aspect sexual gifts may remain in given, unless you understand the truth of deep desire.

5. THE MASCULINE DIRECT, THE FEMININE INVITES We will explore the polarity play as Art and bringing the play to create inspiration. Your Heart is calling you to becoming more and return home. It is time to take the leap of faith!

$666 before 14 February 2023 then goes up to $975

Email us to sign up.

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