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The Soul Is Ready For Deeper Journey

When the solid structures of life as we have known it begin to shake and crumble around us, when what we have been told to believe as the “Truth” no longer holds, anchors or protects us, when all that we once held close and cherished no longer warms our Heart and Soul….. And undoubtedly Life will bring you to this juncture sooner or later, though the roads leading up to this juncture will be different for all…Death / Loss/ Broken Heart / constrained joyless existence / Health issues / disappointment / Failure etc- That is when The Soul is ready to take on the Journey Known as the Dark Night of The Soul.

The Dark Night of the Soul which we all must undertake (multiple times).

The Ancient Sumerian Myth of Inanna which is reflected in the Journey of Venus in the Sky, Inanna journeys to the Underworld to meet her Sister Ereshkigal who is actually her Shadow aspect ie the Journey the Ego must undertake to meet those parts of itself that have been kept hidden in the shadows of pain, guilt, fear , anger,trauma by stripping away all false concepts Pride, Self Worth, Control, Identities, masks, stories , protection that the Ego hide behind.

It is thus a journey of Death of the False Delusional Ego Self - A journey of vulnerability, authenticity and raw nakedness so that we can truly embrace those parts of ourselves we are ashamed to acknowledge even to ourselves.

It is a Journey of Presence, Acknowledgement, Being Witness, Surrendering and Accepting our darkest deepest Secrets …shining a ‘light’ on them and ‘integrating’ them so that we Move into Wholeness!! I experienced Heart Numbness & Expl💎sion (Cancel, Clear, Delete) so deep that my body sent me Compassion.

It was the most intense feeling within the heart that I couldn’t describe. I couldn’t reject or control, but I allow that to flush through my body system and all the remembrance like a slide show and pinned point the past life incident happened concurrently 9:11 incident.

I had total clearing through my body and that created a deep emotion clearing from lower-middle-upper energy system - restoration & alignment.

Our body knows how to heal by not attach to the emotions creating deeper layer of trauma.

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