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Walking on earth as the only awaken one in the family can be rather lonely and not being accepted.

But, do you accept yourself?

I found myself sitting in one of the heart chamber contemplating this question...

It came to my awareness that I never accept myself as who I am.

I am the Pure Soul. The Soul that has so(ul) deep desire.

Soul wants me to feel deep into my heart.

I feel love. Most deeply, I am love.

She asks "which part of you don't accept yourself?"

It is The Power, My Power.

I pause. Quiet.

I pause. Stillness.

I pause. Alchemising.

I feel the wall I built to or protection around my heart and accumulated tension in my body crumbled.

The edges melt.

And the heart starts to accept who I am.

I surrender.

The secret of unfolding is to accept fully of who you are without the reasoning mind.

I surrender even more.

I allow my heart to accept myself fully and completely. It is in my heart.

When you believe it, you have it already in you. It will reflect to you by entire world.

The openness can breathe you.

Others can see who you truly are.

They can feel your deepest gifts.

We are love, flowing with love, bright as love.

I believe and accept myself with all of my heart of who I am and the greatest.

And remember true self- love is unconditional.

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