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The word YONI in Sanskrit literally means “The Source”.

The source of humanity, of goodness, of creation, of harmony and balance.

The Yoni is literally a portal in between the spiritual world and the physical world.

Do you know that our yonis are the most absorbent part of our bodies.

This is not only true from a physical and medical standpoint but is firmly grounded in a holistic wellness philosophy as well.

Our vaginas absorb not just tangible matter like blood and toxic materials (tampons laced with chemicals, thanks to Xenia's Teaching) that we insert into our bodies, but it also absorbs energy (whether it is positive or negative energy).

When a woman has sex with a partner, whether she climaxes or not – there is some degree of energy absorption into her energetic field.

This is the reason why women tend to become more attached to a sexual partner, because this womb draws energy into the body.

We can actually teach our yonis to connect back to our soul, back to our divinity so that we can have more beautiful relationships with ourselves, others and with the earth.

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