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Love is Ever-Present in the Body

Love is Ever-Present in the Body

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Love has/have many bodily feelings associated with it which we do not normally identify as love.

When we take the awareness into the body, and tune into ourselves on a cellular level, any place we feel vibrant, alive, warm, tingling, is a place where love is already alive.

We can feel love vibrating cellularly within us. Perhaps a glowing, an expansion, spaciousness, gratitude, a total ‘yes’ to life, a deep sense of well-being.

Love is a ‘state of being’ deeply rooted in the body, arising in the core and radiating outward.

In love, another person enhances or reflects your very own inner beauty.

Again and again relax inwardly into your body to maintain a connection to the beauty and delight of your inner aliveness.

By holding the inner sensations of love in the bodily awareness they are encouraged and enhanced.

In love one expands, in fear one shrinks.

In fear one becomes closed, in love one opens.

I choose love and to be loved.

Thank you Jenn for this awareness and now bring into my life.

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